blockdeviceOhioedge Jeebuilder is a platform for building Java components. Every Jeebuilder component is driven by an XML definition – allowing Jeebuilder to provide out-of-the-box CRUD functionality for components. The default format for request/response interaction with components is Json. Jeebuilder connection factories support any JDBC-compliant driver/databases as well as Cassandra (using DataStax Java Driver).  Jeebuilder provides a powerful, multi-threaded capability for composing component graphs – thus eliminating need for complex SQL queries. Ohioedge 2.0 is a linearly scalable, no single point of failure architecture.

workflow-64x52 Ohioedge Workflow is a fully customizable Java workflow engine. It is a perfect fit for any scenario involving organizational hierarchy, business process models, security, and automated task execution such as messaging. Out-of-the-box it provides integration with third-party APIs such as Google Maps, Twilio SMS, Apple messaging and Google Firebase.

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