Products is a simple group messaging and event notification progressive web app built using Angular and AWS technology stack. Device notification is enabled for Android devices.

blockdeviceDistributed Object Persistence API for Cassandra (OPAC) is an open source high-performance distributed object-relational mapping Java Driver for Cassandra (C*). OPAC can also retrieve objects from multiple relational and/or no-sql data-sources and construct distributed object graphs. OPAC enables definition-driven management of C* db objects (schema, table, materialized view and constraint) and provides out-of-the-box zero-code data retrieval, creation, update and deletion (CRUD) functionality for the defined objects. OPAC maximizes performance by utilizing multi-threading for entity relationship building and by retrieving only the minimally required columns of the intermediate entities. OPAC is built on top of DataStax Java Driver. OPAC is released under open-source FreeBSD license and is free for commercial use.

workflow-64x52 Object Flows is a fully customizable Java workflow engine and state-machine. With no transaction commit/rollback capabilities  in C*, a state-machine provides a best possible technique to achieve eventual data consistency in a distributed environment. Object Flows state machine ensures that a requested state for e.g. update activity status to Successful after an email is successfully sent, is achieved as soon as possible and automatically retried upon any system errors or reported for manual resolution upon any data errors. Object Flows is a perfect fit for any scenario involving organizational hierarchy, business process models, security, and automated task execution such as messaging. Object Flows also provides out-of-the-box integration with third-party APIs such as  Maps, SMS,  Email, and iOS and Android device messaging. Object Flows is built using Ohioedge 2.0 – a linearly scalable, no single point of failure architecture.

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