Angular 8, Amplify and CloudFront

Amplify JS is a library that primarily provides oauth flow + hosted UI. As a managed service it also provides build pipeline. It uses CloudFront in the background for hosting and distributing content over the net. You can also use Amplify JS without the hostedUI and manage your own CloudFront distributions. One of the important … Continue reading Angular 8, Amplify and CloudFront

Migrating from monolith to AWS server-less micro-services architecture

High-level migration plan: Re-develop kabuter UI using Angular 8 and Amplify Created an angular 8 project by referring Michael Labieniec's blog on Progressive Web Application Follow amazon multi-environments doc for setting up prod, test and dev environments. Use AWS Cognito for user-management and social federation (facebook and google) Implemented social federation using AWS Cognito … Continue reading Migrating from monolith to AWS server-less micro-services architecture

Understanding Casting with Generics

With multiple level inheritance and polymorphism it can become a bit challenging to see how a method accepting and returning a generic would behave if within the method some transformation takes place and either a sub or super type of that generic is returned. Let's take an example Interface: public interface ClassInterface { String sayHello(); … Continue reading Understanding Casting with Generics

JSP hot-deploy in Wildfly

To enable hot-deploy of JSPs in Wildfly, i.e. to automatically publish any changes to JSPs in ${WILDFLY_ROOT}/standalone/tmp/vfs/temp/tempxxxxxxx/content-xxxxxxx without requiring redeployment of war, set the development attribute of jsp-config within undertow subsystem to true as below: <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:undertow:3.0"> <servlet-container name="default" default-encoding="UTF-8">         <jsp-config development="true" tag-pooling="false"/>         <websockets/> </servlet-container>