Migrating SQL applications to Cassandra – Pattern #1

This series of posts is specific for Object Persistence API for C* however patterns adopted should be generic enough for any SQL->Cassandra migration.

Pattern #1: Get rid of all sql joins and move join-logic in the middle-tier.

For example, consider a typical SQL query to find all employees of an employer:
select er1.employerName, ee1.employeeName
from employee ee1, employer er1
where ee1.employerID = er1.employerID
and er1.employerName = ?1

To make this work in Cassandra, we need to split this query in two:
Query #1: Employee-query
select *
from employee
where employerID = ?1

Query#2: Employer-query
select *
from employer
where employerName = ?1

and let Ohioedge Jeebuilder generate the graph (by internally first executing employer-query and then executing employee-query for the found employer):


The split two queries are Cassandra compliant and join-logic is now in the middle-tier.

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