Angular 8, Amplify and CloudFront

Solution#1: FQDN ( worked with social federation but APEX domain ( failed at getting a token…

STEP 1: To get APEX domain working, create a s3 bucket named exactly like APEX domain (in my case and add static web hosting with redirect to FQDN (in my case

STEP 2: Then create a CloudFront distribution with Origin Domain Name as <bucket-name>.s3.<aws-region> (in my case Provide APEX domain ( in the Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs)

STEP 3: Then use the Domain Name from the created CloudFront distribution and point your Route 53 APEX domain ( as IP4 Alias to the Domain Name

SOLUTION#2: FQDN works but APEX does not work issue update:

  • ALIAS APEX name to your CloudFront distribution
  • CNAME FQDN to APEX name

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