Object Flows: Workflow-item scheduling, routing, assignment and execution

Assigner assigns a mechanism (user or bot) to work on a workflow-item available at a workflow-station. Performer/Executor completes the bot tasks. Scheduler creates a schedule for completed workflow-item. The schedule consists of which workflow-station the workflow-item should go to next and at what time. Router creates workflow-item processing tasks at workflow-stations per the schedules.  

Object Flows: Loading and processing of workflow items

Any resource with a status of not-available:{stateID} is picked up by the workflow engine loader and added into the workflow as a workflow-item. The loader is composed of two parts - producer and consumer. The loader-producer updates the status of resource to loading-in-process:{stateID} and puts the resource identifier in kafka. Loader-consumers are running on all … Continue reading Object Flows: Loading and processing of workflow items

Ohioedge 2.0 Architecture

Ohioedge 2.0 is a linearly scalable, no single point of failure (SPOF) architecture built using Cassandra, Zookeeper and Kafka. In addition, Ohioedge document component uses pithos.io service to save/retrieve documents from the underlying Cassandra data store. At the core of Ohioedge is a schema-driven request-to-response transformation engine - Ohioedge Builder. Out-of-the-box it enables CRUD and relationship … Continue reading Ohioedge 2.0 Architecture